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Philekoos College Admissions Counseling Owner Tiffany Kolb shares tips on the college application process with parents and students at the Hatch Public Library in Mauston March 6.

Jake Ekdahl

Local families and individuals feeling overwhelmed by the college application process have an expert in Juneau County to turn to. Philekoos College Admissions Counseling Owner and Counselor Tiffany Kolb gave a presentation on navigating the labyrinthine world college admissions to families at the Hatch Public Library in Mauston March 6.

Kolb said the admissions process shouldn’t be stressful and overwhelming. Kolb helps students discover ideal fits in both colleges and career planning. “Getting them aware of different careers, geared towards different majors.” She works with a wide variety of students in age and academic experience.

“I tour colleges all over the Midwest and all over the country, about 20-25 a year,” Kolb said. “This helps me to identify which schools might me a good match for the students I am working with.” Kolb feels it is difficult to get true perspective on a school until you have gone to visit and meet with students and staff.

“I am also available to work with students and families on the weekends, evenings and throughout the summer, which is what students and families need with their busy schedules,” Kolb said.

Philekoos has been in business since 2015. “I’ve been doing it full time for just about two years,” Kolb said. “I help students and families with the college admissions process.”

Kolb was previously serving as an educational administrator, but found the lack of one-on-one time with students dissatisfying. She felt she was “sort of seeking something else.” She also worked as a high school teacher.

At first, Kolb began by helping a nephew find the right college for him. During that process, Kolb discovered she wanted to do college admissions counseling work full time.

Philekoos helps each student find the college that suits their needs and interests. “We want to find them a college list that fits them academically (and) socially,” Kolb said.

Kolb recommends students pursue passionate involvement in a few activities rather than being involved in every activity possible. “You can’t do everything well,” Kolb said. “You should choose what you love and do it well.”

Taking a burden off of families is a satisfying part of the job for Kolb. “They know I’m going to facilitate this process that is kind of huge and looming,” Kolb said. “That’s really satisfying.”

Kolb said colleges could do be doing more to keep the costs for students under control. “Some colleges are deliberately working towards that, and others are not,” she said.

Kolb has three children with her husband, Doug; one who has graduated from University of Wisconsin-Platteville, one who is currently enrolled in University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and their youngest who is currently in high school.

Philekoos College Admissions Counseling is located in Lyndon Station. Prospective customers are encouraged to reach out.

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