Around the state, Michigan and Upper Peninsula, over 100 Lennox Industries are donated to houses in need for Heat U.P. Wisconsin. Two of them were installed at Elroy Legion Hall Oct. 7.

David and Melissa Miller, owners of Miller Heating and Air, said it was the first time the program had installed two furnaces into a non-residential building. Miller Heating and Air is a member of Lennox Heat U.P. Wisconsin program, which helps install Lennox furnaces into buildings for free.

“It’s the first time it’s ever been done Legion Hall or anything other than a residence has never been done and usually its once furnace,” said Melissa Miller, owner of Miller Heating and Air in Elroy.

David Miller said the legion hall qualified for two furnaces because the former furnaces were 23-years-old.

“The way the system was designed it was designed for two furnaces to heat the building at the same time,” David Miller said. “When you replace one, it wouldn’t be enough to take care of the building so it ended up asking for permission to do both of them and we were granted that permission.”

It is the sixth year the Miller Heating and Air has participated in Heat U.P. Wisconsin. Personally it means a lot to both owners because both of their parents were veterans. James Bender, commander for legion post 115, said installing the furnaces also means a lot to the community as well because of how many local organizations utilize the building.

“It’s used by the school it’s used by the (Elroy) Lions (Club) it’s like the community center,” Bender said. “They use it for weddings and anniversaries, birthday parties, baby showers.”

Bender said the legion had been raising money to try to replace both its furnaces and air conditioners and the legion was very excited to receive the furnaces from Lennox.

“By the time we make enough money here every month it takes most of what we make to pay our electric bill our gas bill just regular monthly bills,” Bender said. “It makes us feel good it makes the community feel good that we are a leader in something like this and to know Lennox is helping us old veterans out.”

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