Brad Pavloski answers questions from the Germantown planning commission and town board.


Germantown residents have a little while longer to voice questions and concerns to elected officials about an upcoming development.

The combination of the Germantown subdivisions Rock Island Lake and Campfire Lake was discussed in a joint public hearing between the Germantown planning commission and town board on Nov. 29.

Both subdivisions were put up by the local business Pavloski Development, owned by Brad Pavloski. Pavloski is currently also seeking approval for an additional 128 residential units in Germantown.

The recent development has been cause for concern among Germantown residents who are worried about an unwelcome increase in traffic and population to what is considered a rural getaway by many.

In a Facebook post, the town of Germantown informed residence that they would be accepting comments, questions and concerns “in writing to N7560 17th Ave, New Lisbon 53950, or by email to linda@townofgermantown.com” until the end of the day Dec. 11.

Germantown Supervisor Ray Feldman said he understood residents’ concerns. “Some of the neighbors were concerned that one of the roads going from Highway 58 into the Rock Island subdivision would be used as a main thoroughfare,” Feldman said. “There were also concerns to whether or not there would be adequate emergency service response on the town roads.”

Feldman said he has had a mostly positive experience with Pavloski and his staff. “They fulfill all the requirements of the planned unit development that they’re required to fill,” Feldman said “And the other thing is that they’ve followed through with the landscaping that’s been promised… so to that extent they’ve followed through on everything that they’ve been required to do.”

For many Germantown residents, a change to the pace of life in Germantown is another concern. “A lot of people that bought up here 15-20 years ago, thought they were buying in the near wilderness conditions,” Feldman said. “And of course, things have changed drastically, with these Pavloski subdivisions.”

Typically, people will use a Pavloski lot as a seasonal residence. But as they get older and retire, may settle in to the residence full-time.

Recent developments have led residents to be skeptical of the benefits of further expansion. “I know there’s a lot of people that, basically, in the town here are just opposed to any more development… Those folks have showed up at some of the meetings and especially the people who are next to the subdivisions that are being proposed, ” Feldman said.

Feldman noted that the increase in traffic and population is due to several subdivisions, only some of which the Pavloskis have developed.

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