A Mauston man faces criminal charges after allegedly repeatedly striking a man in the face and causing damage to property.

Reginald Bratchett, 34, is charged with six counts of felony bail jumping, substantial battery, criminal damage to property, and disorderly conduct. He faces up to six years imprisonment for the first charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

A Mauston police officer was notified of a physical disturbance at a West State Street residence in Mauston at around 1:30 am on Dec. 30.

While en route to the residence, the officer was informed a 34 year old male subject, later identified as Bratchett had struck a 53 year old male in the nose and “had left the residence in an unknown direction.”

The officer searched for Bratchett in the area of West State Street but was unable to locate him. Afterward, the officer returned to the residence to speak with the 53 year old male subject.

A 58 year old female, the owner of the residence, let the officer in and informed him of the situation. She and the male subject had been asleep in the basement when the “were awakened by a loud crash coming from upstairs.” When she went upstairs to investigate the source of the noise, she found Bratchett in a verbal argument with a 29 year old female, “a coffee table and side table had been overturned in the living room by Bratchett.”

The male subject told Bratchett he would have to clean up the mess, which “made Bratchett more upset.” Bratchett then went towards the male subject and they began to fight on the floor. Bratchett “punched him in the face repeatedly.”

The male subject came upstairs to speak with the officer. The officer observed “blood on the bridge of his nose and a dent, going from right to left, on the bridge of his nose.” There was also blood on the subjects clothing. The subject stated Bratchett had grabbed him and they fell to the floor. Then Bratchett elbowed him in the face repeatedly and broke his glasses.

The 29 year old female declined to provide a written statement on the events that had transpired.

The officer notified Mauston Area Ambulance the male subject would need medical attention and photographed his injuries. The subject provided a voluntary written statement.

Later, the officer was informed Bratchett had been seen through a window of the Golden Eagle Laundry.

The officer went to Golden Eagle Laundry and observed Bratchett to be inside the building. The officers made contact with Bratchett and escorted him outside.

The officer asked Bratchett to explain his side of the events. Bratchett acknowledged “some type of altercation had taken place but provided no details.”

The officer informed Bratchett he was under arrest. Bratchett complied with the officers and no notable items were found on his person. He was then transported to the Juneau County Jail.

Bratchett is currently in the Juneau County Jail. His initial appearance in court is scheduled for Jan. 24.

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