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A Camp Douglas woman faces drug charges after police say she was in possession of methamphetamine and attempted to mislead law enforcement officers.

Kallandera Keith, 27, is charged with possession of methamphetamine, obstructing an officer, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She faces up to three years and six months imprisonment for the first charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

A pair of Wisconsin State Troopers observed a dark colored van stopped on the right shoulder of I-90/94 near mile marker 74. The vehicle had no lights on.

The troopers approached the vehicle and observed a male and female sitting in the second row of seats in the van. Both stated they did not have driver’s licenses on them and the male claimed he arranged a tow truck to pick them up.

The female was eventually identified as Keith and the male as Mark Anderson, 28. Prior to being identified through the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website, Keith presented a false identity to the troopers. When questioned why she lied, she stated she might have a warrant for her arrest and wanted to avoid jail.

Keith had two warrants out for her arrest. One for retail theft and another for probation violation, with her original offense being the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Keith was placed under arrest and asked if she had any contraband on her person. She stated she had “a needle in her shirt,” which she placed there because “she didn’t want to get in trouble.” She stated she used meth earlier in the day. Keith was then placed in the back of the squad car.

The troopers asked Anderson if there was anything illegal on his person or in the vehicle. He stated he did not know of anything. After conducting a search on Anderson, troopers did not find anything of evidentiary value.

While a search was being conducted on the vehicle, Keith told the troopers Anderson had a warrant out of Monroe County. The troopers ran a records check and found Anderson did have a warrant out for possessing illegally obtained prescriptions. The warrant described Anderson as having a tattoo on his upper left arm and left shoulder.

Anderson stated he did not have tattoos and the Trooper asked him to remove his overshirt. After he did so, Anderson stated “See, I don’t have any tattoos,” but when asked to pull the shirt down from the neck lin the trooper observed the ink of a tattoo.

Anderson was then placed under arrest as well.

The vehicle search yielded a pink purse with “multiple hypodermic needles, a tourniquet, small clear gem backs with white residue in them, tree colored straws with a white crystal substance located inside them and a small clear pill bottle that was not marked.” There was also a wallet containing several credit cards belonging to Anderson and “several more that were in different names,” a maroon digital scale and a blue butane torch.

Keith and Anderson were then transported to the Juneau County Jail. Neither is currently in the jail. Anderson’s initial appearance in court is scheduled for May 23 and Keith’s for June 6 at the Juneau County Justice Center.

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