Professor Emeritus Kevin Potter’s words in Kevin Damask’s April 4 piece “Focus on Floods” speak to that simple too often overlooked truth. “The one thing that is pretty certain is that increases in greenhouse gases are causing increases in big weather events.” Adaptation measures like those highlighted in Damask’s article are sometimes necessary to prevent death, injury, illness and losses to private and public property (and profits). But Sauk County will only avert the worst, most expensive, consequences of the climate crisis through policies that slash carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gas emissions. And that takes collective action to compel elected officials at every level to pass effective legislation. Thankfully, compulsion doesn’t require a majority. As the Tea Party can attest, a small but vocal number of citizens can have a swift, decisive impact. Flooding the phone lines and town halls of legislators today can avert catastrophic deluges on Main Street and the family farm tomorrow.

Rick Chamberlin

Sauk City