Mr. McCumber (who believes, "a bankrupt nation feeds no one"), fails to mention in his Nov. 8 column about the GOP tax giveaway to the rich and large corporations, that the plan will further "bankrupt" his nation another $1.6 trillion.

He is also wrong about the $250 deduction for teachers who buy school supplies. One does not have to itemize in order to receive this deduction. This deduction comes directly off of income and reduces one's adjusted gross, which lowers taxable income. It has nothing to do with itemizing. However, he is right; the GOP plan does eliminate the deduction for those rich teachers.

So a teacher can no longer deduct $250 to recoup a fraction of their own money for school supplies, but his "poor", large corporations can deduct for papers, pencils, and office supplies on their taxes.

Remember, Tim; a bankrupt nation feeds no one.

Mark Dahlke