HORICON — The city of Horicon recently held its reorganizational meeting that changed some positions on committees and commissions with the addition of a new council member and the resignation of some committee members.

The appointments are as follows:

Council president — Don Miller

Planning commission — Keith Pahl, Carl Fausett and Dave Westimayer

Personnel and finance — Susan Hady, chair, Matt Wieneke, and Dwight Plautz

Public safety — Dwight Plautz, chair, Richard Marschke, and Keith Pahl

Public works — Don Miller, chair, Matt Wieneke and Keith Pahl

Cable commission — Susan Hady, Dwight Plautz and Don Miller

Community development authority — Susan Hady, Keith Pahl and Dave Boersma

Historic preservation — Keith Pahl, Ed Knop and Jenni Harris

Library board — Richard Marschke, Kathy Galvin, Jan Pahl and Theresa Schulze

Park & Recreation board — Susan Hady, chair, Matt Wieneke; Marc Zuelsdorf, and Kari Voy

Police and fire commission — Brett Culver

Revolving loan fund — Bill Niemuth and Doug Plier

Tree board — Lahnie Neu, Harold Vanderhei and Dave Magnussen

Urban goose management — Keith Pahl, Dave Magnussen, Richard Christian, Russ Schroeder, Joseph Adamson, Dave Berggren, Mike Halfman and Jack Williams

Zoning board of appeals — Daryl Levenhagen and Michael Krueger

Chamber of commerce council representative — Susan Hady

Horicon area foundation council representative — Richard Marschke

Horicon community development council representative — Keith Pahl

Rock River Hills council representative — Don Miller

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