JUNEAU – Police agency cooperation led officers to arrest two men who are suspected in numerous Beaver Dam area burglaries from the last month.

Authorities have two men in custody who are suspects in numerous burglaries which occurred over the past 30 days.

Earlier this week members of the Dodge County Sheriffs Department and the Beaver Dam Police Department collaborated and implemented a robust plan which included surveillance of multiple buildings and roadways.

At around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, a Beaver Dam police officer observed a man acting suspiciously on Beaver Dam’s south side, the man was wearing a ski mask and carrying a large bag. The officer detained the subject, who was then identified as one of the suspects that authorities were looking for. The bag contained burglary tools and numerous other items relating the man to many of the burglaries.

The man is the second suspect taken into custody for numerous burglaries and stolen automobiles which occurred on the entire west side of Dodge County over the past few weeks. The first arrest was made Monday by Beaver Dam Police Department. That man was also on the target list of suspects in the investigation.

Authorities feel both individuals worked independently and not together.

Currently both are being held in the Dodge County Detention Facility on unrelated charges as authorities examine evidence. Both men are from the Beaver Dam area.

“This was a great team effort by both agencies, and I credit the staffs for the amount of time and effort put forth in this investigation,” said Sheriff Todd Nehls.

Beaver Dam Police Chief Ron Smith agreed.

“Anytime you have burglaries which cross jurisdictional boundaries you must work together, share information, put all the minds together into one and devise a plan of attack. It works, we proved it last night,” Smith said.

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