JUNEAU – A 17-year-old Mayville man made his initial appearance Tuesday on charges of selling marijuana to other high school students after three of the students posted photos of themselves smoking weed on a social media site.

Arlington R. Badder, 316 ½ Kokoskee St., was charged with manufacturing or delivering less than 200 grams of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of an illegally obtained prescription and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Court commissioner Steven Seim ordered a $1,000 signature bond in the case.

According to the complaint, on April 22, a high school teacher called Mayville Police Department to report that three students had posted pictures of themselves on a social media site smoking a glass pipe with the captions “420 on 4/20” and “smoking weed.” The complaint states that all three told officers that they had purchased the weed from Badder at his house. One of the students told officers that she had purchased marijuana more than 100 times. She had purchased it from Badder around 20 times.

According to the complaint, officers got a warrant and searched the house, finding a variety of pipes, prescription medications, a scale and marijuana. Badder told officers that he smokes marijuana after school daily to help him focus. Badder’s mother told officers that she was not aware of her son using or selling drugs, but when she had resided in Nevada, Badder had been arrested for underage drinking and possession of marijuana.

The complaint states that the pills found included Tylenol 3, Tramadol and Adderall. Some of the pipes included two sports drink bottles made into pipes, several glass pipes, a Scooby ceramic piggy bank transformed into a homemade pipe and a makeshift pipe made out of a pen.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled June 6.

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(3) comments


And the mother told officers "she was not aware of her son using or selling drugs"? How could you not be aware of a 17 year old with money, and all the drug paraphernalia, and the smell on him and his clothes. Must be an awful lot of ignorance on the part of the parents in todays society, especially when he had already been arrested in Arizona for the same things.


Denial. Not just a river in Egypt.


More like just not wanting to deal with it. I would be willing to bet she knew, and may have even been involved. They don't give you the whole story.

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