FOX LAKE — The Fox Lake City council met Wednesday and passed a resolution to set the tax levy and mill rate for the 2013 budget.

The tax levy was $463,204, with a mill rate of $6.08 per $1,000 of assessed valuation without TIF increment.

In his memo to the mayor and common council regarding the proposed 2013 budget, city administrator Bill Petracek reminded them that the budget still has remnants of the assessor’s error made in 2011.

The assessor made an error when he filed valuation reports for the city’s Tax Incremental Finance District. As a result of this error, the value of the TIF district was s reported as $6.6 million on a $23.4 million district. The error would have had a direct result on property tax bills for Fox Lake homeowners, to the point of as much as $178 to $500 per property tax bill, depending on the final levy. Special legislation drafted by Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald, at the request of the mayor of Fox Lake and other city officials, helped fix this error through the Department of Revenue.

“The good news, however, is that this year adjustments to the budget are positive and will be less controversial, as we will be collecting revenues from the TIF district for the coming year that we would have generated from the 2011 tax roll had the assessor not made the error,” Petracek wrote.

The projection for the TIF increment will generate $1.08 million, an increase of $887,0006 from the previous year to offset the error and maintain level tax bills.

General fund expenses increased by only 1.9 percent, and Petracek’s memo stated that was a direct result of a change in health insurance coverage from a full-pay option to a co-insurance option implement by the city council.

The budget set aside $16,727 to help fund the city’s 175th anniversary celebration in June. The budget also includes $13,000 set aside to replace the phone system at city hall, $25,000 to re-codify the city’s ordinance book to bring it into compliance with State law and update it into an electronic format, $10,000 for sanitary sewer rehab, $14,200 for seal coating the city hall parking lot and cemetery driveway and $12,590 to replace the Claussen Tower and main swimming pool building roofs.

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