Sen. Dale Schultz, who has fallen out of favor with many fellow Republicans in recent years over several key votes and what they call his left-leaning stances, will face a primary challenge in 2014.

State Rep. Howard Marklein, R-Spring Green, announced his candidacy for the 17th State Senate District on Sunday.

Marklein, a CPA and certified fraud examiner, is serving his second term as state representative for the 51st Assembly District in southwestern Wisconsin.

“It has been a great honor representing the residents of the 51st Assembly District,” he said in a press release. “I look forward to building upon the achievements and accomplishments of the previous legislative session, in which we were able to enact legislation that promoted job creation and improved the economy, as well as budget reforms which eliminated the deficit and left us with a surplus.”

Schultz, R-Richland Center, opposed Gov. Scott Walker’s collective bargaining bill in 2011 and has voted against controversial mining bills supported by Walker. He has been in office since 1982. His four-year term is up in November 2014. He has not yet announced his re-election plans.

The district includes much of southwestern Wisconsin and includes portions of Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Sauk, Richland, Grant, Juneau, Monroe and Vernon counties.

“As a CPA with extensive private sector experience, I will continue to advance the belief that government’s role is to provide the tools private businesses need to grow, rather than create road blocks to economic growth,” Marklein said.

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As a liberal Democrat, I fully support GOP candidate Dale Schultz as the rep. for your district. He is a man of unquestionable character and one of the rare few in the GOP controlled assembly who is willing to compromise with our side to actually get things done. If you dump him you have lost a man of great integrity and someone who will work for all of the people and not just the Republicans whose sole interest is in getting reelected. Get your conservative heads out of the sand and send Dale back to Madison to work for all of us!


"Improve the economy"?! What has this man been smoking?

Concerned WI Mom
Concerned WI Mom

I agree with Noodlebug as well. I'm a pro-choice, liberal Democrat, with a Retired Republican Army Dad, and a Conservative Democratic mother. I support Dale Schultz because he reminds of Past Sen Feingold & Rep Herb Kohl, and Rep Tammy Baldwin. Each one had their own beliefs but made responsible decisions for Wis citizens and represented us against big Bullying Corps, Questionable decisions from the Courts, & constant battles with opponents. All of the above Government officials including Dale Schultz have always represented the citizens of Wi first and looked out for our families and our financial future. I urge you to keep Dale Schultz, because it takes integrity and guts to stand up for what you believe in, what's right for your community, even when being bullied by your own party. Send Rep Marklein a strong message, that it's ok to have a difference of opinion and speak your mind, when no one else is listening.

Milton Thompson
Milton Thompson

I belong to no political parties I only support the ideas and the thing Marklein said about the continuation and development of existing policies is a good as it will allow policies to mature and take its truest from. I like using provides writing help to students to improve my explanatory skills in my free time.