If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas in Wisconsin, there’s a chance of it happening.

Snow has been a rare commodity in the Badger State so far, with some spots like Milwaukee getting no snow since March.

AccuWeather.com, however, is forecasting several weather systems coming to the Great Lakes states between now and Christmas could bring snow to the region.

“There could be one storm or three, but the truth is just as some people may think there isn’t going to be a white Christmas, we could have a storm develop right before the holiday to bring millions of people a nice surprise for the holiday,” said chief meteorologist Elliot Abrams in a news release.

AccuWeather.com said the first big weather event will develop in the southern Rockies Friday and cut across the Plains to the Great Lakes.

“A track like this would almost certainly bring some snow to parts of the Great Lakes over the weekend, but amounts and timing are still in question,” the release said.

Another storm system is in the works for the middle of next week, and a third system just before the holiday, AccuWeather.com said.

“Even though there hasn’t been a lot of snow so far this December, the signs of a snowier pattern are showing up,” AccuWeather.com said.

With what’s happened (or not happened) so far this year, any snow would be welcome after the drought that has plagued most of the U.S.

In our corner of the country, the National Weather Service shows most areas to be lagging far behind normal snowfall amounts. News reports said Milwaukee set a record on Sunday with its 280th straight day of no snow, and the record continued on Monday with the 281st straight day of no snow.

Chicago set a record on Monday with 281 straight days of no snow. The records in Milwaukee and Chicago should be extended at least to the weekend.

The snow season begins July 1 and ends June 30, to guarantee all snow in a given “winter” is measured.

Since July 1, Madison has 4.2 inches of snow, compared to a normal 8.3 inches through Dec. 10, the Weather Service said.

Milwaukee has had a trace (less than a tenth of an inch) of snow when the normal is 5.7 inches, and Chicago has also had a trace since July 1 when the normal would be 3.6 inches.

La Crosse is the only reporting station in southern Wisconsin that has anything close to a normal snowfall, with 7.3 inches falling compared to a normal 8.1 inches.

Green Bay is at 5.6 inches for the season when the normal is 8.2 inches, and Wausau is at 7.5 inches when the normal through Dec. 10 is 12.7 inches.

The record snowfall total in Madison was the 101.4 inches that fell in the 2007-08 snow season. The normal snowfall for a season in Madison is 49.9 inches.

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