The eighth-grade girls who routinely help Olson Middle School library paraprofessional Jessica Braddock have taken on the role of book reviewers to promote the Mauston school’s book fair next week.

Erin Bauer read “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid-The Third,” which she said is part of a series that does not have to be followed in sequence. Kaitlin Babcock previewed “The Dead and the Buried” mystery, while Kayley Brescia read “Infinity Ring-Divide and Conquer,” the second science fiction book in a series that must be read in order. “Cinder” took Kaitlyn Asdigian through a newer version of an old fairy tale.

Those students will be give book reports and tell whether they liked their choices during the daily school announcements to students and staff from Monday through Friday.

In addition to becoming literary critics, the girls will receive $100 from Scholastic Books for the school just for helping with the sales, Braddock said. The school also will benefit financially from the book fair.

“Whatever is raised during the book sales, Olson Middle School gets 50 percent back to purchase books for the school,” Braddock said. “Scholastic also sent us a collection box for cash donations, which also counts in the grand total of sales.”

She said Mauston’s Festival Foods and the Bank of Mauston will provide matching funds for the cash.

“If we raise our goal of $200, the bank will donate $100, and Festival will donate $200, which equals $500,” she said.

Another establishment will provide sustenance for hungry middle schoolers.

“Pizza Hut will donate nine large pizzas for our next school dance this month if we reach our goal,” Braddock said.

The Book Fair is open to the public daily immediately before and after school and Tuesday from 3:30 to 7 p.m.

Braddock has been working in the Mauston School District for four years, first at West Side Elementary School. She transferred to the middle school in September.

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