BDCFILE Beaver Dam Police Department

Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission Chairman Jeff Kohman suggested Tuesday night that the panel should hire an attorney.

City Attorney Maryann Schacht advises the commission on legal matters from time to time, but Kohman said the commission would be better off having an attorney specifically for police and fire matters.

Kohman said there are no current legal proceedings against the police and fire commission. But he said that changes occurring in police and fire departments are happening too fast for a city attorney to effectively keep pace.

“That’s absolutely true,” Schacht said.

Kohman said he and Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger attended a training session recently where they were told that it would be a good idea to have legal representation for a police and fire commission.

Attorney Steve Zach, of the Boardman Law Firm, is the city’s labor attorney and Kohman said that the commission should give him an opportunity for the position since he has offered legal advice to the commission related to union contracts.

No action was taken Tuesday night on the topic. Kohman said that he wanted the topic raised so commission members can begin looking at viable candidates.

Ben Rueter covers Beaver Dam, Horicon and Juneau city governments for the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.