The state required a Dell Prairie dog breeder to quarantine his property after some of the dogs developed an illness that can sometimes be contracted by humans, but the property’s owner said he thinks he’s being made an example of and that the situation isn’t so serious after he had the infected dogs euthanized.

Officials from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) warned Wednesday that several dogs of varying breeds were released from a dog breeding facility located at 955 and 957 Gale Drive in Wisconsin Dells. The facility is currently licensed to William Myers. The premises had been quarantined since June 28 after dogs tested positive for Brucella canis, commonly called Brucellosis, an infectious disease that causes illness in dogs and sometimes in humans.

“Seven puppies that we are aware of were removed from the property after the quarantine order was issued,” said Yvonne Bellay, DVM, program veterinarian at DATCP, in the news release. “Anyone who has purchased or otherwise received a dog from the Myers premises should be aware of the quarantine and the disease that the dog has potentially been exposed to, especially if the dog is intended for breeding purposes.”

Bellay urges dog owners who may have received or purchased a dog from the Myers property since June 28 to contact Jeff Hare, compliance officer with DATCP Division of Animal Health, at 608-224-4900 and should have the dog tested for Brucella canis by a licensed veterinarian. Bellay also advised that buyers may have done business with Myers’ associate, Sharon Richards, who may also use the name Sharon Lambrecht.

Brucella canis is transmitted by the mating of infected males and females and causes infertility in both genders. An infected female usually appears healthy with no signs of disease or indication that she is a carrier. She can spread the bacteria in several ways but most commonly through the act of breeding. Once pregnant, the bacteria will also infect the developing litter. Litters are commonly aborted, usually in the last two weeks of gestation, or the puppies may die shortly after birth. An infected male can also spread the bacteria via urine and semen.

Humans become infected by coming in direct contact with an infected dog or with the dogs fluids that are contaminated with these bacteria. Symptoms in humans may include fever, sweats, headaches, back pains, and physical weakness. Severe infections of the central nervous system or lining of the heart may also occur. Brucellosis can also cause long-lasting or chronic symptoms that include recurrent fevers, joint pain, and fatigue.

In a phone interview Thursday, Myers said, “I think it’s kind of unfair that I’ve been quarantined,” he said, adding he knows of other kennels in the state that have had Brucellosis and they’ve never got quarantined.

“Why are they picking on me? I don’t know.”

Myers said he’s currently been ordered to stay off his property by the Adams County district attorney, but has other people checking on his property.

He said he as about 40 adult dogs.

He said he had three of his dogs that his veterinarian determined tested positive for the illness euthanized two weeks ago. He said he wasn’t pleased with the communication he was getting from the department up until now.

Myers said he’s waiting for more information about when the quarantine can be removed.

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Perhaps the public should know that William Myers is in jail for other charges at this time,so his associate Sharon Lambrecht (Richards,Melton,and other aliases that she uses) is living there and taking care of the kennel for him.What a joke that is,as she is a former animal abuser herself.Think it's about time these people are shut down PERMANENTLY.


Myers has not been convicted. He is scheduled for a jury trial Oct. 4 in Adams County on six felony and three misdemeanor charges of strangulation and suffocation and battery.


No,he has not been convicted yet, but he is a 1st degree sexual offender of a child,and his associate Sharon Lambrecht (Richards,Melton) owes Washburn County over $40,000.00 for animal neglect and abandonment.