MAYVILLE — A young boy and girl are in the custody of a grandmother after Mayville police found them to be living in an apartment covered in feces and urine.

According to the police report, on March 20 at 11:59 a.m. Mayville police responded to the 400 block of North Clark Street for an anonymous report of children being neglected.

Upon entering the apartment, the officer was hit with a strong smell that burned the nostrils. The apartment is home to a 24-year-old Mayville woman a 23-year-old Mayville man and their two children, a 4-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl.

The woman allowed Mayville police to enter the apartment and look around the rooms. According to the report, the officer found the kitchen to have an old bowl of milk and cereal that had turned green and moldy. The floor was difficult to see because it was covered in old food and garbage.

The hallway and 3-year-old’s bedroom were reported to have fecal matter on the floor which felt wet and soggy. The girl’s bed was found to have a dirty diaper lying on the pillow.

The master bedroom was found to be more sanitary although there were dirty diapers found on the dresser.

According to the report, the bathroom was found to have a Rubbermaid bucket with vomit in it as well as a dirty child’s toilet.

According to the mother, the children’s father, who was at work, was sick earlier in the day. She also reported that the children were sick and running a fever. When the officer asked how bad the fever was, the woman did not know and EMS was called. EMS determined that both children were running a fever of 100 degrees. According to the police report the children had not seen a doctor since January 2012.

The children’s grandmother had arrived during this time to take custody of the children. According to the report, the grandmother, a 46-year-old Mayville woman, had no idea that the apartment was in such a state. She was not able to enter the apartment because of the smell.

In interviewing the mother, the officer found that the family keeps a childproof lock on the bathroom so that the children did not play with the toiletries and that they would ask one of the parents if they had to go to the bathroom.

The officer did take note of many high-end items in the apartment including a flat-screen television, a snowmobile jacket and a Smartphone. Last year there was a police call to the same apartment in which the boy was found to be outside without supervision. The father was found to have fallen asleep while watching the children.

Charges have been referred to the Dodge County District Attorney’s office for child neglect/abuse for both the parents.

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How can they turn these kids over to anyone who knows them? The grandmother lives in the same town and didn't know the "apartment was in such a state"? Give me a break. This is one of those "not my responsibility" stories and they just let the grandmother have the kids. If the apartment was that bad, I don't believe the family or even the neighbors didn't suspect something. Think about it people. Even their clothes had to stink when they went out of the apartment.