When the time comes to decide if a Wisconsin Dells School District building should be named after someone, the district will be prepared.

The Dells School Board passed a policy dealing with naming rights for buildings in the district Dec. 18 at its bimonthly meeting.

Before the ordinance was passed, Board Member John Campbell said some people from the community reached out to him and expressed reservations about the idea of naming rights. He said they do not want buildings like an auditorium to be named after a person.

Board Member Jesse Weaver clarified the ordinance being passed is a policy for how the district will deal with naming rights. He said if the time comes where the district is considering giving naming rights to a building, a hearing and separate vote would be held on any decision.

The board also discussed leaving the South Central Conference to the Capitol Conference. Dells athletic director Aaron Mack said the other schools in the SCC need to sign off for the Dells to leave the conference, which he believes will happen.

District Administrator Terry Slack said he expects the district to make a request to leave the SCC and join the Capitol Conference in the near future.

Earlier in the meeting, High School Principal Hugh Gaston said a vote among high school staff showed overwhelming support for switching to partial block scheduling. Under the proposal, Monday through Wednesday classes would not change at all, while on Thursdays students would attend their odd period classes and Friday they would attend the even period ones. He said many teachers had said the standard class period can sometimes be hectic with only 43 minutes to teach.

While the staff seems very supportive, the plan is far from coming to fruition. Gaston said there are a number of issues to be worked out before block scheduling could be implemented, the district many find it isn’t possible to implement at all.