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Judy and Bill Taylor

Judy Taylor adds touches to her barn quilt as husband Bill holds up the quilt that inspired her painting in the background.

BEN BROMLEY/News Republic

ROCK SPRINGS — An heirloom quilt has inspired a barn quilt as a Rock Springs family pays tribute to a lost loved one.

Judy Taylor is painting two 2-foot by 4-foot slabs of wood, re-creating the design of a quilt made by her late sister-in-law Dorothy Adamovich. Taylor is working to copy the quilt, right down to the stitches.

“I thought it was a nice way of honoring my sister-in-law,” Taylor said. “I just want to make it really authentic.”

She got help from Baraboo artist Maday Delgado, who teaches classes on painting barn quilts. Delgado outlined a design for Taylor to fill in, and said she has succeeded in making wood and paint look like fabric.

“She had the vision of what she wanted to create,” Delgado said. “It’s incredible to draw all the detail from the fabric.”

Taylor estimated she has spent 40 hours painting the quilt since October. She hopes to finish it over the winter and see husband Bill install it on the barn at their farmette in the spring.

Because they live off Highway 136 near three points of interest — the village’s spring water spigot, Van Hise Rock and Ableman’s Gorge — the artist figures the barn quilt will get plenty of attention. “It’ll be at a place where a lot of people will see it,” she said.

“She has spent a lot of time on it,” her husband said. “It brings out her best.”

The quilt was bequeathed to him after his sister’s death in 2011. Adamovich was an avid member of the St. John’s United Church of Christ quilting group in Lyons, Illinois. “I think she would be very proud and very pleased,” Judy Taylor said.

She didn’t consider herself an artist until a few years ago, when she painted decorations on her husband’s birdhouse. She’s using that same paint on the barn quilt, and her work has impressed her teacher. “Judy took it to a different level,” Delgado said.

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