WAUPUN — This year’s Honorary Survivor leading Waupun’s Relay For Life is breaking the mold.

Lisa Rae Rens, wife and mother of five, is not a cancer survivor, indeed, she is still in a battle for her life, and prepared to lose.

“I have stage 4 colon cancer,” said Rens who is 47.

Rens first found out she had cancer in October 2011.

“It was very aggressive and metastasized to the liver,” she said.

In July, 2012 she had the right lobe of her liver removed and in October re-started chemotherapy.

“But I had a severe reaction to it, so it was discontinued,” Rens said.

Rens said she will fight the cancer until the end, and suspects the end will come within a year. But right now she is focusing on quality of life.

Rens said her husband Donald and her five children, ranging in age from 33 to 20, are her rock. Rens said she has enjoyed her life.

“My passion has always been my children and husband. All five children attended Central Wisconsin Christian School, and CWC was a huge part of my life, what with sports, and academics.”

Rens said after her children were out of high school she got a job as an administrative assistant at her church, Bethel Reformed, but she was only there three years when she found she had cancer.

Rens said she gets support from her church and CWC and opened up a box containing more than 400 cards people have sent during her illness.

“I’m not scared about dying,” Rens said, “it’s just leaving everything which I’ll miss.”

In all Rens considers her life a success.

“I prayed my kids would be good Christian adults and give back to the community,” she said. “They have.”


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