JUNEAU – A 44-year-old Waupun man made his initial appearance Monday on charges of crashing into another vehicle while drunk and fleeing from the scene.

Matthew L. McDowell, 449 Rosewood Drive, Waupun, was charged with hit and run involving injury, operating while intoxicated causing injury – first offense with a prohibited alcohol concentration above .15 and operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration causing injury – first offense with a prohibited alcohol concentration above .15.

According to the criminal complaint, officers were called to a crash on March 22 at 5:06 p.m. in Waupun. The man driving said there were no injuries. However, officers did note that the woman in the passenger seat was recovering from a broken back and the woman in the back seat was recovering from a broken leg.

The complaint states that a witness approached officers and said she had seen the vehicle leaving the crash and had obtained a license plate number. She had also seen a sign on the side of the truck that read “Sticks and Stones.” Officers found that the license plate was registered to Sticks and Stones, LLC. McDowell is one of the owners of the business. When officers arrived at McDowell’s home, the truck was in the garage and McDowell could be seen in the residence. However, he refused to come to the door to speak with officers.

According to the complaint, officers were able to eventually get McDowell to answer the door. He refused to let officers see the truck and told officers there was “more to the story.”

The complaint states the driver of the other vehicle was later treated for injuries to his back received from the crash. McDowell called officers on April 8 and said he wanted to show them the damage to the vehicle to correct the report. He said he made a huge mistake the day of the crash by drinking and driving and then leaving the crash.

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