MAYVILLE | With the purchase of city property at the annual meeting in August, the Mayville School Board is wasting no time in getting the ball rolling on an addition that will alleviate congestion for buses, parents and students.

The board approved a contract Monday night with Bray Architects that will include new additions to the parking lot, new offices for administrative staff and a new entrance for students and visitors.

“We can open up the playground and make it a safer playground for the kids,” said Geoffrey Bray, vice president and design architect.

Safety seemed to be the key word for all of the pieces to the addition. The new administrative office will extend south off of the southeast corner of the original structure.

“We’ve got windows coming out of the office area so they can monitor both the parent drop off and the bus drop off,” Bray said. “There’s a lot of visibility on who is coming into the building, who is in the building and how they’re getting there.”

Little has changed from the plan that was presented in August aside from the bus entrance to the school being angled so it is parallel to the main parking lot and the retention pond to the southeast shaped more circularly.

The plan includes a parking lot with 57 spaces and a driveway loop with the entrance and exit going onto Brickyard Lane. There would also be a secondary driveway coming from Ruedebusch Avenue past the tennis courts, basketball court and pool on the other side up to the school. It would have 20 parking spaces and a drop-off area for school buses.

The district also plans to add a 4,540-square-foot office and lobby that would sit between the new larger parking lot/drop off area and the existing mulch playground. It would be connected to an existing south wall of the school.

The approximate cost of the addition is $1 million which will be paid for by money in the district’s general fund. That’s not including a $75,000 contingency fund built into the contract.

No contractors have been awarded bids yet aside from a soil boring company that will test the soil on Oct. 17.

Reporter/photographer for the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.