For some, community service is in their blood.

That kind of dedication was hailed Monday night as Nancy Conley was honored for her years of service to the city of Beaver Dam.

A resolution approved unanimously states, “Her love for serving the city, with her sincerity and genuine leadership, is an inspiration to all.”

The daughter of a newspaper operating family, she served the past 11 years as a member of the city’s police and fire commission. In addition the long-time chair of that committee served as 7th Ward alderperson from 1978 to 1982. While an alderperson she served on the board of public works/water commission and on the community development committee.

Conley called her resignation a “retirement,” and thanked all of the people who made her service possible.

“I miss it already,” she said.

Fire chief Alan Mannel spoke warmly of Conley and her assistance to the city.

“I can’t think of a better friend, a better representative for the police and fire departments or a better advocate for the city of Beaver Dam,” he said.

Police chief Ron Smith agreed, stating, “You’re a natural leader, a wise counselor … a mentor and a friend. I’m dearly going to miss you.”

The council later approved a move to increase the mayor’s term of office from two years to three years. Although a four-year term was discussed, the administrative committee eventually agreed to recommend three.

“We had a great discussion back in September regarding this change,” said Alderman Don Neuert. “We all felt that an increased term would be a positive thing for our community.”

The change does not go into effect until the term of whomever is mayor after the spring election of 2014.

Voting no for the change were aldermen Laine Meyer and Robert Ballweg.

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