JUNEAU – A 52-year-old Kewaunee man was sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of his ninth offense of driving while impaired after a hit and run in the Hardee’s drive-through in Watertown.

Reinhold C. Wille, N4018 Lilac Lane, pleaded guilty to his ninth offense OWI – operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a drug to a degree which rendered him incapable of safely driving.

He was sentenced to 36 months of incarceration and 60 months of extended supervision. His sentence will run concurrent to the sentence for his eighth offense of drunken driving. He was on extended supervision for that charge when he was charged with his ninth offense, and the supervision was revoked.

Wille’s license is revoked for 36 months and an ignition interlock device must be installed on any vehicle he owns or operates. He must undergo an AODA assessment and follow through with any resulting recommendations and he must submit a DNA sample.

According to the complaint, Watertown police were called by an employee of Hardee’s on Oct. 10 for a report that there had been a possible hit and run in the drive-through. The employee had written down the license plate of the vehicle believed to have been involved.

The complaint states that officers ran the license plate and identified the vehicle as being owned by Wille. When they located his vehicle, he was sitting in his car in the driveway of the house where he had been staying.

Officers asked him about the accident, and Wille denied being in an accident. Officers noted that Wille’s pupils were constricted and his speech was slow and slurred.

According to the complaint, Wille denied having had any alcohol. However, he admitted that he had taken two “downers” to help deal with stress. He didn’t know what the pills were. He said he had gotten them from a friend.

He said he had taken some prescribed medications earlier in the day as well.

When he got out of the vehicle, officers noticed that he had to use the door for support and had difficulty maintaining his balance when walking.

The complaint states that when officers asked to see his license, Wille told them that he couldn’t walk and look through his wallet at the same time. He then mistook a gift card for his license.

Wille submitted to a blood draw. A drug recognition expert was called in from Dodge County to evaluate Wille. The expert told officers that Wille was definitely under the influence of an intoxicant

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