Corner Drug Store is expanding.

Janet Fritsch is taking over operations at the Dean Clinic Pharmacy in Baraboo.

The Corner Drug Store owner said she was approached by Dean Clinic representatives in early spring about this latest venture.

“It’s a good business that is doing well, but Dean thought it would be best to have a local, independent person in charge of it,” Fritsch said.

Staff at the clinic’s in-house pharmacy will remain the same.

The biggest change will be in the ownership of the pharmacy. What now will be called Corner Drug Clinic Pharmacy will offer delivery of prescriptions like Corner Drug in downtown Baraboo.

Corner Drug Clinic Pharmacy opens today.

Fritsch said the two pharmacies will be on the same computer system, so patients can pick up or drop off prescriptions at either location.

“The clinic pharmacy is something totally different from what we offer at our downtown location,” Fritsch said. “We won’t have the gifts and other items like we do here, but we will be able to fill prescriptions for patients who see their doctors and don’t want to travel to pick up their medications somewhere else.”

The pharmacy in the clinic has been there for more than 20 years; and has been owned by Dean since the late 1990s.

The downtown Baraboo location is not moving and celebrate 20 years at its location Jan. 1.

“We are simply expanding our services,” she said. “This is a real good fit for us, our customers and the community.”