A Reedsburg musician is showcasing all he’s learned throughout his two decades in the local music scene by releasing his first solo album.

Alex Porter’s album “The Premedicated Tapes” was released Dec. 1 and is available for free on Soundcloud and ReverbNation. Porter said the nine song album is a departure from what he’s done in the past in terms of the structure of his songs, experimenting with different musical cords and lyrics.

“Lyrically in the past there were a lot of things that fit the meter and mood of the song,” Porter said. “This time I actually took some time to think about what I was saying per song.”

The experimenting part has come with playing in many bands and musicians throughout his time in the local music industry. Porter began his music career in 1998 in a three member alternative rock band called Pop Suicide. Pop Suicide has mainly preformed in the local music market and branched into other areas throughout the Midwest.

Porter has worked with a number of other area musicians in different genres like blues, rock and jazz. In his new album, he showcases those different music styles to provide more emotion in his songs for The Premedicated Tapes.

“I utilized a lot of that stuff this time around and it allowed me to be expressive musically but it also allowed me the opportunity to open up a little bit more vulnerability when it came to the actual songs itself,” Porter said.

He said the most recent single “A Reality Star” is a reflection of the political landscape. Porter said he likes to keep his songs open and provide an emotional connection with anyone who listens to his music. Porter said there is an overall repetitive theme in his new album, but didn’t specify a particular one because he wants to leave that to the listener.

“I want other people to pull what they want out of it,” Porter said. “I’ve expressed myself in a number of different ways and I’d like to be able to allow other people to have the opportunity to listen and get something out of it.”

Pop Suicide drummer and longtime friend Steve Fuller of Reedsburg is currently in an old soul, funk band called Blacker Brothers Band in Baraboo. He has listened to Porter’s album and called it original.

“When I listened to it-and being in bands with him for a long time he’s very expressive of who he is,” Fuller said. “It’s good, it’s real and it’s local.”

Porter will perform his new album Jan. 20 at Gem City Saloon and Eatery in Baraboo as a part of Art in the Dark.

“It’s worth residence in the area to take a chance and go out and see some live local music because it is all around,” he said.

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