The race for Dodge County Circuit Court Judge for Branch III will be on the ballot for the primary on Feb. 19. Only two of the three candidates will be on the ballot for the April 2 election. Joseph Fischer, Joseph G. Sciascia and Dawn N. Klockow are all running for the seat after current judge Andrew Bissonnette announced that he will retire when his term ends.

Joseph G. Sciascia

Sciascia has practiced law for more than 34 years. He and his wife Laura have two children. Sciascia is a past president of Juneau Community Development Authority, past president of Parish Council at Immaculate Conception/St. Malachy Catholic Church (now Sacred Heart Parish) in Juneau and Horicon, former mock trial coach at Dodgeland High School, a certified gun safety instructor for the past 29 years, a member of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Juneau August Fest Committee, a volunteer at Dodgeland High School career days, a past president of the Dodge County Bar Association, a past winner of the Key Person award from the Beaver Dam Hockey Association, a former youth hockey coach at the Beaver Dam Hockey Association, a member of the Juneau Rod and Gun Club Inc., a member of the Columbus Sportsmen’s Association, Inc., a longtime member of the NRA and a member of the American Single Shot Rifle Association.

He said his top three priorities as a judge would be to keep repeat offenders off the streets, protect the interests of children and enforce the orders of the court.

In addition to his 34 years handling a wide range of civil and criminal cases as an attorney, he has also served as the Dodge County Family Court Commissioner for 28 years.

“A court commissioner is appointed by the judges of the county to handle certain cases on behalf of the judges,” Sciascia said. “As Dodge County Family Court Commissioner, I have performed the same duties that a judge would perform in deciding over 2,000 contested family court cases for child custody, placement, child support, maintenance (alimony), property division, domestic abuse restraining orders, harassment injunctions, debt and property division and paternity cases.”

Sciascia said he is the only candidate running who already has judicial experience and the only candidate who has the experience of being both a prosecutor and a defender. He has also served as the city attorney for the city of Juneau and the village attorney for the village of Iron Ridge. He has been appointed as a special prosecutor for Horicon, Beaver Dam, Waupun, Fox Lake and Dodge County. He said in his role as special prosecutor, he has prosecuted hundreds of cases for OWI, theft, assault, drug possession, underage drinking, disorderly conduct, traffic offenses, public nuisance and other offenses.

He said his experience in private practice and as the Family Court Commissioner has enabled him to help people through difficult times, bring order to chaotic situations and make a difference in the lives of the people in Dodge County.

“As Circuit Court Judge I would be in a position to continue to do so in family court cases as well as small claims, mental health cases, juvenile justice cases and civil and criminal litigation. I would like to take my experience on and off the bench to the office of Circuit Court Judge to continue to serve the people of Dodge County,” Sciascia said.

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