Madison Area Technical College-Reedsburg is offering the following new programs: Finance, Human Resource Management, Small Business Entrepreneurship, and Human Services Associate. Either all or the majority of the courses can be taken at the Reedsburg campus.

The Finance program provides the educational background and training required for entry positions in banks, savings and loan associations, finance companies, credit unions, real estate, insurance, financial planning, government, or mercantile and manufacturing enterprises. Job experience and continuing education provide qualifications for advancement. Finance relates to the management of, not necessarily the accounting for, monetary affairs.

The Human Resource Management program provides a well-rounded study in the Human Resources profession within the context of the fundamentals of business organization, finance, management and related studies. This program provides the student with training necessary for employment and advancement on the job in Human Resource Management and allied occupations. Graduates are prepared to complete bachelor degrees at four-year institutions.

The Human Services Associate program trains people to provide information, support, care and advocacy in a human service agency. Students acquire skills needed to work with individuals, groups and communities.

The Small Business Entrepreneurship program provides prospective small-business owners/entrepreneurs with the principles involved in planning and operating a small business. Attention is given to small business appraisal and opportunities; developing a written business/marketing plan; and advertising, public relations, direct mail and sales promotion plans. Marketing concepts include planning, forecasting, segmentation, product strategy, product mix, pricing and distribution. The program also provides an introduction to the basic principles, concepts and theories of business and non-business selling, and their application to an actual sales presentation. Special attention is given to personal development and self-image concepts.

Stop in at the Reedsburg campus at 300 Alexander Ave. for a listing of fall classes or call at 524-7800.

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