JUNEAU – Like them or not, roundabouts are becoming more common.

Dodge County Highway Safety Coordinator Bob Sell said that he has had senior friends and relatives tell him that they have never driven on a roundabout and that they drive out of their way to avoid them.

They state that the roundabouts are confusing and the drivers aren’t sure what to do.

Sell said he thinks some of the confusion comes from having traveled a stretch of familiar highway many times in the last 20 to 50 years prior to the roundabouts, and suddenly things have changed and don’t look anything like they used to. Streets and highways that went straight ahead now require one or two roundabouts with several streets or roads merging in a big circle.

Avoiding them is fine, but there may come a time when drivers may have to use a roundabout. As a fellow senior, Sell offered a few tips that might lessen some confusion and apprehension.

- Slow down to a speed under 15 mph.

- Pay attention to the large sign prior to the roundabout, it will show drivers their exit.

- Enter the roundabout yielding to traffic on the left already in the roundabout.

- Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in traffic.

- Travel counter clockwise.

- When the exit comes up, signal a right turn and exit.

- If drivers miss an exit, go around (counter clockwise) and try it again.

- If drivers miss it again, try it again.

- The first time some apprehension will be normal, it’s new and many drivers have never used them before.

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