JUNEAU — Juneau’s sole city-council election on the ballot pits a previous council veteran against a one-term incumbent on Tuesday’s ballot.

Roxanne Buss, of 338 W. North St., will defend her second-ward seat against former, second-ward alderman Robert Affeld, of 325 Mayfair Drive.

Buss, a household assistant I at Dodge County’s Clearview Long-Term Care Facility in Juneau, has served on the council since April 19, 2011 and will complete her first, two-year term.

“I would like to continue to work for the people of the second ward, if they’ll have me,” Buss said Wednesday afternoon.

“I want to finish the projects I’ve started and been part of,” Buss, 60, continued, adding, “I truly enjoy working with the people and I’d like the opportunity to do that and keep learning about our city.”

Affeld, 65, a warehouse foreman at Sensient Industries in Juneau, served on the council from 1998 to 2012.

“The reason I’m running is I really enjoyed doing that job and I kind of feel we’re not doing justice to the tax dollars of the residents of Juneau,” he said.

“I think we have too many pet projects — little things,” Affeld said. “I think Mill Street should have waited another year. There are other streets in town where the potholes are getting bigger and they aren’t on the list.”

Buss pointed to work set to begin on Mill Street and on other Juneau thoroughfares as ongoing projects she’d like to see through to completion.

The city expects to undertake a number of jobs financed through one of its Tax Incremental Finance districts this spring and must, by law, complete those by 2014.

“The street projects, they’re going to take time,” Buss said. “We’ll try to do as much as we can. We’re taking precautions to finish so the streets are inspected, inspected, inspected, to see things don’t go wrong.”

Buss, who has been assigned to the city’s finance and public-safety committees, as well as to the Juneau Utility Commission, said, “It’s been a challenge working with finances.”

“We’ve set up long-term goals that weren’t in place before and we’re trying to use the TIF districts to their fullest advantage.

“I would certainly like to keep going with building a healthy fund balance for the city, but I don’t know what committees the mayor will assign me to,” she said.

“I’m proud to say I’m the first voting liaison on the utility commission,” Buss said, referring to the status created by council overhaul of the commission last year.

Affeld also was council liaison to the utility commission, during former mayor Ross Tillema,’s administration, but at that time the job carried no vote. He said served on all three, standing council committees, as well as the Juneau Community Development Authority.

Affeld also said financial challenges would dominate the council’s next two years.

“I think everybody looks at money and I think it’s going to be a big problem,” he said.

“The state keeps giving mandates and they don’t fund them. The feds hand them to the state, the state hands them to municipalities and they have to fund the stuff by themselves.

“We somehow have to reign-in our expenses and try to get the best bang for our buck,” he said.

“Right now, Id like to finish what we started in the city: the roads; a new building at the wastewater-treatment plant and a new ambulance for the EMS,” Buss said.

To further improve emergency medical service in Juneau, Buss also would fund, “any more gear they need, which is important for them to keep running and getting them more education.”

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