RANDOLPH — The Randolph School Board tentatively approved plans for a senior class trip, approved several policy updates and passed a resolution making changes to the school’s credit card.

Senior class advisor Mark Nedset and seniors Carley Reuter and Nathan Leystra spoke about a proposed class trip. The seniors voted to take a trip to Chicago in the spring, and would like the trip to run from Sunday through Tuesday to take advantage of cheaper hotel rates. The trip could include visits to the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum of Natural History and the Shedd Aquarium. The seniors are selling themed cups and popcorn buckets to help raise funds for the trip.

The school board tentatively approved the proposal after asking questions about the number of students who may be attending and if chaperones are lined up.

“It’s approved in concept,” school board president Laurie Boomsma told the seniors. “Come back with more details, and good luck with your planning.”

School board member Gary DeVries presented the building and grounds committee’s report. He said a chain link fence has been installed along the high school parking lot along the football field. He also brought up two proposed bids for HVAC controls and refrigerator and freezer monitors/alarms. The board took no action on the bid to install a monitoring system on the refrigerator and freezers, but approved a bid to add controls to four HVAC units in the newer portion of the elementary/middle school building to improve efficiency and save energy. The cost is $641 per unit.

The school board held second readings and approved six school board policies. Board member Keith Medema told the board the curriculum committee has identified a few policies related to graduation requirements and summer school that need to be updated so that practice and policy match.

The school board discussed the building lot the district owns on Ellis Avenue, and directed district business manager Carrie Hintze to advertise the lot in the school newsletter.

The school board passed a resolution authorizing changes to the district’s credit card, adding one user and redistributing the credit limit among the five people now authorized to use the card.


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