JUNEAU – A 40-year-old Beaver Dam man has been charged with downloading pornographic images of children.

Eric L. Winkie, 803 N. University Ave., was charged with one count of possession of child pornography.

If convicted, Winkie faces up to 25 years in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, officers met with Winkie to follow up after a federal investigation found that someone in his residence had accessed child pornography. Winkie originally told officers that he views pornography on an almost daily basis, then changed that to about 50 percent of the time when he’s home.

The complaint states that Winkie admitted to sometimes searching for “teens” as well as “young.” He said he had seen some images that he felt were questionable, but had not downloaded or saved any of the images. He said that has used his iPad, desktop computer and laptop computer to view images. Computer analysts from the Wisconsin Department of Justice searched all three hard drives.

According to the complaint, Winkie expressed concerns about the officers taking his hard drives, telling them that he is in the naval reserves and conducts military business, so the computer may contain military files, as well as business for work. He stated that taking the hard drives for his computer could jeopardize his ability to make a living. Officers told him that if no contraband was located, certain items may be returned in the future.

The complaint states that analysts found 49 suspect images. Winkie said he recognized one of the images, but didn’t manually save it to his computer.

An initial hearing is scheduled for April 29.

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