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A Beloit man faces criminal charges for attempting to flee an officer, obstructing an officer, and operating a motor vehicle while revoked.

James Reed, 38, is charged with second degree recklessly endangering safety, attempting to flee or elude a traffic officer, obstructing an officer, and operate motor vehicle while revoked. He faces up to 10 years imprisonment for the first charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

A Wisconsin state trooper was parked in an unmarked cruiser on a vacant field road on Dec. 22 in the town of Kildare when he observed a vehicle exceeding the 55 mph speed limit. The trooper reported “there was a clear tone shift as the vehicle passed (the) cruiser and exited the radar beam.”

The trooper exited the field driveway and activated the unmarked cruiser’s emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle did not immediately pull over and was “pulling away from the cruiser.” The trooper checked the vehicle’s speed and observed it to be 76 mph.

The trooper accelerated his cruiser to 80 mph, then 100 mph, to keep pace with the vehicle. The trooper reported he began to suspect the driver was attempting to elude him.

The trooper advised dispatch that a vehicle was attempting to flee from him and he could not continue the pursuit for safety reasons. He then shared the vehicle’s location.

Later that night the Juneau County dispatch aired a report of a vehicle in a ditch on Morrissey Road.

When the trooper arrived at the scene, he observed a black four door vehicle in the ditch and a male subject standing in the road. The subject was “soaking with sweat” despite the cold weather.

When asked what happened, the subject replied “I got a flat tire and went in the ditch.” The trooper reported the male seemed very nervous when asked where he was coming from. The subject, stated he was from Beloit and he was in the area to meet with a girl he met on a website called “snap f***.”

The trooper asked if he was the same driver who fled from him earlier. “I have no idea what you are talking about,” the subject replied, saying he just got lost and got a flat tire.

The trooper asked the subject what his name was. The subject told him his name was Rayshun Eason. The subject stated he did not have his driver’s license or an ID card and did not know is social security number.

After running the name Rayshun Eason through dispatch, the trooper was informed Eason has a valid driving status and no warrants. However, the physical description of Eason 5 feet 9 inches, 220 pounds and the Trooper knew the subject he had spoken with to be at least 6 feet and approximately 200 lbs. “It was very clear that the male I was speaking with was not Raysun Eason, the photo looked nothing like the male I was in contact with,” the trooper reported.

The trooper showed the subject the photo dispatch had sent him and told him to reveal his real name. The subject stated that it was an old picture of him and his name was Rayshun Eason.

When it became clear that the subject was lying and unwilling to cooperate, a Juneau County sheriff’s deputy placed him in handcuffs. The trooper informed the male he was under arrest for obstruction and would be taken to the Juneau County Jail and fingerprinted.

The subject was searched for weapons and contraband. None were found.

The trooper suspected the vehicle may have drugs inside and requested assistance from the New Lisbon police department K9 unit. Although the K9 alerted to narcotics being in the vehicle, no drugs were located.

Soon after, a female subject revealed herself “approximately 100 feet to the the north of where the car was in the ditch.” She walked out holding a purse with her hands in the air. “Just don’t let the dog bite me,” the female stated.

When asked what she was doing, the female stated “I just don’t want to get in trouble.” The trooper asked if she had been driving the crashed vehicle. She stated she hadn’t.

The trooper asked who was driving. The woman replied “James.” She stated James was the individual who had been standing on the road earlier.

The woman said their vehicle had been the one who fled the Trooper earlier. The woman said James’ last name was Reed. She said “they were driving and they passed a cop and they saw flashing lights behind them and James kept going faster and faster and James said he can’t go to jail.”

The woman agreed to provide a written statement of what had happened. The trooper reported the woman “smelled very strong of burnt marijuana.”

The trooper ran Reed’s name through dispatch and was informed his driving status had been revoked due to an OWI. The trooper was informed Reed had four prior operating after revocation convictions.

The woman was later transported to the Kwik Trip near the Juneau County Jail so she could call for a ride. Reed was transported to the Jail and booked.

Reed is currently in the Juneau County Jail. He is due in court Feb. 14.

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