A Chicago man is facing a possible 25-year sentence after being arrested following a traffic stop during which Wisconsin State Troopers found heroin and thousands of dollars in cash in the car he was driving.

Durwon O’Bryant, 31, appeared Wednesday in Columbia County Circuit Court, and said he was in the process of putting down roots in Madison.

“I am asking for a very large cash bond in this case,” said District Attorney Jane Kohlwey, suggesting $50,000. “All of the criminal history is out of the Chicago area and there is a lot of criminal history for this defendant out of that area.”

O’Bryant, whose prior charges were for burglary, robbery, and multiple weapons violations, now faces a Class D felony charge of possession of heroin with intent to distribute. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison and a $100,00 fine.

“He had every indication that he is a drug dealer and was transporting multiple substances through our county,” Kohlwey said. “There were four baggies of suspected controlled substances hidden in the air filter compartment under the vehicle’s hood. One contains heroin weighing 26 grams. Now that is a very large amount of heroin — heroin is sold in 1/10ths of a gram amount.”

Other substances have yet to be identified, Kohlwey said.

O’Bryant was arrested late Friday after being pulled over by State Troopers on Interstate 39/90 near the town of Caledonia. The troopers searched O’Bryant and the vehicle, finding a bundle of bills totaling $1,750 and another $1,950 in loose bills. The officers also found two digital scales, two cellphones, plastic baggies, and powders known to be used for “cutting” drugs to a lesser purity.

Under the hood of the car, in the vehicle’s air filter compartment, they located a rag wrapped around five baggies. One of the baggies contained 26 grams — nearly an ounce — of heroin. The other baggies, weighing over 40 grams, were sent to the State Crime Lab for testing.

“It looks like Mr. O’Bryant had $3,500-plus of just walking-around-money that was just sitting in his car,” Judge Todd Hepler said. “Certainly an inference can be made that significant drug trafficking was going on.”

Hepler explained that $50,000, half of the maximum fine O’Bryant could face if convicted, would be an appropriate bond.

O’Bryant is scheduled to next appear in court for a preliminary hearing Oct. 12.