A Lake Delton man was arrested Wednesday for sixth driving under the influence offense.

Timothy Delmore, 42, was arrested by the Wisconsin State Patrol following an accident in Lake Delton.

A news release from the State Patrol said it was Delmoreā€™s seventh OWI, while the charge in the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access listed it as a fifth or sixth OWI charge

Lake Delton Police Chief Tom Dorner said a minor accident occurred between two vehicles and one of the parties flagged down a Lake Delton officer to report that Delmore left the scene.

The officer stopped Delmore on South Burritt and determined that he had been drinking, Dorner said.

Dorner said the Lake Delton officer knew Delmore professionally and socially and after the officer consulted with his supervisor, turned the arrest over to the State Patrol. The state trooper had already arrived on the scene and was available to do the arrest.

Dorner said the accident was nonreportable because neither car had any damage.

A person convicted of fifth or sixth offense faces a penalty of a $600 to $1,000 and from six months to six years in prison. A seventh offense OWI charge is a felony that carries a fine of up to $25,000 and three to 10 years of prison.

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reality based
reality based

This man needs mandatory inpatient rehab and an extensive aftertherapy plan. Jail does not stop people from being alcoholic. So he needs more than just jail or prison time.

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