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The Sauk Prairie School District will begin a logo/branding initiative with the hope of establishing a clear, unique and consistent message representing Sauk Prairie schools.

The Sauk Prairie School Board took no formal action on the initiative at its Dec. 11 meeting, but recommended administration begins the process at the committee level.

“After some discussion, our school board president, Ryan Jesberger, recommended we start by taking the financial component of the project through the Finance Committee and the visioning part of it through the Policy and Instruction Committee,” said Brent Richter, executive director of business services for the Sauk Prairie School District. “So that’s how we will kick of the formalization of this project.”

Richter said the district is hoping the board will provide direction for the imaging and branding project, and in the end formally approve it. “We want school board engagement and for this project to be board-driven,” Richter said. “Through the course of this project they will be able to review our progress, look at potential versions of a new logo and then formally recognize and adopt a new logo.”

Richter said the other option is for the board to determine which of the many district logos that already exist to represent the district.

When the district redeveloped its website five years ago, the plan was to follow with a branding and imaging initiative, Richter said. However, it was delayed due to the referendum and construction of new buildings. Now that the work is complete, the district decided to revisit the idea.

“What we hope is we can bring everybody together to work toward a common goal for the district,” Richter said. “We want to identify something that will be unique to the Sauk Prairie School District, but still represent the community as a whole. At the end of the day, we want parents to be attracted to the district.”

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Reporter, Sauk Prairie Eagle