A bill in the Legislature would work towards the Kilbourn Public Library’s advantage by allowing it to collect the cost of circulation from Adams County residents.

Library Director Cathy Borck told the library’s board at a meeting Thursday the bill is called Assembly Bill 288.

Currently, the Kilbourn Public Library isn’t reimbursed by Adams County for the cost of circulation generated by residents from Adams County who use Kilbourn Public Library because Adams County has a county library system that exempts it from paying the cost.

But Borck said AB 288 would change that practice, however some complexities in library funding might come up with the proposed change.

Borck said in 2012 the library had 25,661 circulation items to Adams County residents.

The Legislative Reference Bureau provides an analysis of the law. According to the Legislative Reference Bureau, “Under current law, a county that does not maintain a consolidated public library for the county, and that contains residents who are not residents of a municipality that maintains a public library, must pay

to each public library in the county, and to each public library in an adjacent county, an amount that is equal to at least 70 percent of the amount computed by multiplying the number of loans of material made by that library to residents of the county who are not residents of a municipality that maintains a public library by the library’s average operational cost per loan (library service payment).

“Under this bill, a county, whether or not it maintains a consolidated public library for the county, must make a library service payment to each public library in an adjacent county.”

The bill was sent to the Committee on Urban and Local Affairs.

The Kilbourn Public Library Board of Trustees has discussed during meetings the lack of funding from Adams County for some time.

Borck said she has been asked to be on a study group for the Wisconsin Library Association on this matter. The study group will present some information to the association so it can take a stance on the issue, Borck said. Borck said the Adams library director is to be a member of the working group, too, so that multiple sides are represented.

Trustee Gisela Hamm asked whether a lot of libraries in the state have a similar situation as the Kilbourn Public Library does with not getting reimbursed, and Borck said the answer was yes because of the movement behind getting the change in law proposed.

Kilbourn Public Library is able to be reimbursed from other neighboring counties for their residents’ use of the library.

In other business, the board discussed the following:

The Friends of the Library will be paying for engraved brick replacement and repair.

The library will attempt to invest about $80,000 in CDs that range in length from 1 to 3 years.

Staff will be conducting an inventory of items Nov. 5 to 8.

Reporter, photographer for Reedsburg Times-Press and Wisconsin Dells Events

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