Three taxicab owners complained to the Lake Delton Village Board about other taxi companies while the board passed a new ordinance regulating taxis.

Mark Nykaza, of the Fairview Motel and a taxi owner, and Alane Coleman of Sureway Taxi, complained more about violations of rules than the rules the board was approving. Rick Ryerson of Dells Cab Company also appeared, but he said later he had no problem with the ordinances.

The ordinance requires taxicab services, vehicles and operators be licensed, requires insurance and vehicle safety inspections, and requires the posting of fares and permits in the cab. It also requires that if the company uses a meter for fares, it has to be inspected by the Lake Delton Police.

Village Trustee Doug Clausen said the ordinance gives the village a tool for enforcement.

Coleman said she did not approve of "a lot of this stuff" holding up a copy of the ordinance, but then went on to say other people were using her company's name and people were driving cabs who did not have licenses.

Nykaza also complained about unlicensed cab operators. He said foreign students were "out there picking up people."

"There are so many cowboys out there picking up people," Ryerson said.

He also said that another cab company was calling itself the Wisconsin Dells Taxi Company, but he said his lawyer advised him that he could not own the word Dells, cab or taxi.

Nykaza operates a shuttle service and said that the drivers of the shuttles owned by Chula Vista and other resorts collect fees. The shuttles are not free, he said.

Village trustee Tom Diehl said it was up to the taxi companies to get license numbers and report that to the police.

However, the operators said they had taken license numbers to police and the police said they would talk to the drivers.

Village Clerk/Treasurer/Coordinator Kay Makesey said a lot of complaints are being made and suggested a contact number for complaint. "If you have a complaint, call this number. If I was here all the time, I would take them just to see what is going on," she said.

Village Trustee Les Bremer said the Dells and Lake Delton taxi owners should get together in an association and come up with a number.

The board approved the new ordinance unanimously. Village President John Webb noted that the new rules are "not written in stone" and could be changed in the future.

The board also heard from Larry Volkey, about a complaint that a portion of his neighbor’s deck is on his property. He said the deck had been built in 2006 and the owners had not gotten a building permit.

Village attorney Richard Cross said Volkey’s complaint was a civil dispute, but if the deck owners had not gotten a building permit that would be a violation of village ordinance. It could then issue a citation if a violation is found.

At the meeting, the board also denied the application of Anna Huffman and Ralph and Emily Ridley to place a joint pier on their properties on Canyon Road.

Assistant zoning administrator Jess Eastman, of MSA, said with the small amount of frontage the two properties have, the pier does not meet village requirements. He also said due to the way the lots are divided, a pier would conflict with the rights of other neighbors.

Diehl also noted that piers are to have 20 foot setbacks and the two lots together only are 25 feet wide, so do not have the 20 foot setback from the neighbors.

Cross said that since the pier did not meet village standards, the property owners would have to go to the Department of Natural

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