We need to take drunken driving more seriously

I’m sick of reading fifth OWI, third OWI, and so on. Can we start to take this drunk driving serious?

I’m no angel trying to tell people how to live. From the time I was 16 and for several years after I was one of the biggest violators that existed. That I didn’t die on the road was a miracle. That I didn’t hurt or kill anyone was another miracle for which I am most grateful.

The point of this letter is that we need to do something different

I know what would help, a lot. The first drunk driving conviction should have a penalty of five years in prison. Make it a felony. The drunk could start the sentence on parole for the whole five years. If he or she stayed out of troub1e for the whole five years the felony would be erased. Should there be a relapse during this parole time the person would go to prison for the whole five years with no felony erasure.

But we will hear: “This is so mean!” “This breaks up families!” “He had a rough childhood!” None of these excuses give a person a license to kill.

I guarantee the news can find other interesting things to replace the “Seventh OWI lands man in county jail” type of story. Like maybe, “Jody wins ribbon in grade school reading contest. The family was all there because the town drunk didn’t run them off the bridge and kill them.”

In Wisconsin politics this is the third rail. Should a politician mess with this the political career will very likely be finished. Still, I’d like to see someone tilt at this windmill.

Daryl Frank, Fox Lake

Wage study flawed

Concerning the Dodge County Wage Scale Study done by the Carlson Group: What was the cost of this “Study” to the tax payers of this county?

To compare the county employees to Phoenix Coaters is so far fetched in my opinion. I would think the county administrator and the human resources director would know what the wage scale in the county they are working for is. To me it is comparing farmers to fast food wages.

What has happened to common sense? Oh yes, MONEY. The ones at the top make much more, while the workers stay stagnate. The U.S.A. is a great country but we are in trouble. This study is an example of that.

Judi Miller, Beaver Dam

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