One of the most cutting edge movements in the traditional American criminal justice system is the push to introduce restorative justice into our communities and institutions.

In step with the University's mission, "care for the person," Marquette University Law School offers the Restorative Justice Initiative. The Initiative has fostered exceptional community connections in Wisconsin and continues to strive for excellence in the field of public service.

Under the leadership of former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske, distinguished professor of law, the initiative has brought community focus to the law school by providing the students with substantial leadership training in addition to their considerable technical legal education. The initiative has become a resource for other restorative justice organizations in the state, formed partnerships with local community groups that work with criminal justice issues, and has been providing victim/offender dialogues for crimes of severe violence through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Office of Victim Services and Programs. Marquette has one of the most intensive restorative justice programs among the American Bar Association accredited law schools in America, and is proud to offer this unique experience to the students.

Our transition team is moving prison releases back to a trusted place in society through restorative practices. There are no throw away people.

Stephen Rovics