“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president,” said Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell when President Obama was elected. This, he said, is the Republican Party’s top priority. Not the economy, not jobs — but to make sure that President Obama had no success during his first term in office.

You have to give them credit; they’ve never strayed from their goal. As of October 2011 they had blocked 375 Democratic-sponsored bills, some of which would have created jobs, reduced taxes on 95 percent of Americans, helped small businesses and reduced the deficit.

Republicans claim Democrats held the majority for almost two years. Actually, they held a supermajority, or what is needed to get bills through the Senate, only between April 2009 and January 2010. During that time they managed to pass the Affordable Care Act which, among other things, prevents health insurance companies from dropping people who get sick and from denying people insurance if they have a pre-existing condition. But, in 2010 Democrats lost their supermajority and since then any attempt to move an important bill through the Senate has been futile.

It takes 60 of 100 Senate votes to end debate and vote on a bill. Even though the Democrats had the majority, they didn’t have the required 60 votes to overcome the threat of a filibuster. Since President Obama was elected, the Republicans used this threat more than 200 times to block bills, many of which would have encouraged economic growth. Why would they do that? Because if the economy significantly improved under President Obama he would likely be re-elected. In other words, they put their own selfish political aspirations before the prosperity of the American people. They may get away with it.

In January 2011, Republicans took control of the House of Representatives. In October they killed the American Jobs Act, a bill that would have helped 98 percent of small businesses by cutting their payroll taxes, reducing regulations to help them raise capital and giving them a credit for hiring new employees. It also would have provided a tax credit for 95 percent of working families, created more than one million jobs, and helped thousands of construction workers who would have been needed for infrastructure projects the bill supported.

Steve Benen, in a Sept. 9, 2011 article in Washington Monthly, quotes Mark Zandi, the chief economist for Moody’s Analytics in which Zandi estimated “the president’s plan would boost economic growth by 2 percentage points, add 2 million more jobs and reduce unemployment.” The Congressional Budget Office projected it would have reduced the deficit by $6 billion over 10 years. Every one of the Republican senators approved the filibuster and prevented the bill from coming to a vote.

They also killed at least four bills that would have assisted unemployed veterans — including wounded veterans — with job training, employment counseling and financial support.

This July they killed the Bring Jobs Home Act, which would have eliminated tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. It would have given companies a 20 percent tax break on moving expenses if they brought jobs home. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce — notorious Republican backers — opposed the act, saying it would “...threaten economic growth.” Whose economic growth?

Also in July they blocked the Disclose Act, which would have required disclosure of the identity of anyone who contributed more than $10,000 to independent groups that support candidates. Sen. McConnell called it “un-American” and “a suppression of speech,” although he had supported the same reform during the Bush administration. Many of the organizations that fear disclosure are designated as social welfare non-profits even though they support only one political party. What’s worse – contributors to such groups can deduct their contributions.

The Romney campaign continues to attack President Obama for not accomplishing his goals, hoping nobody will notice they’ve done everything in their power to prevent him from doing so. They’ve stated what their top priority is, and it has nothing to do with supporting the U.S. economy. Remember that when you vote.

Pat Nash has worked as a freelance writer, farmer, human resource manager, customer service supervisor, and educator. Originally from Ohio, Nash has lived in the Baraboo area, off and on, for over 30 years. Contact her at patnash5149@gmail.com

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article was corrected to reflect the correct leadership title for Sen. Mitch McConnell.

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Ms. Nash

Good leaders lead. They do NOT blame others for their failures. Wisconsin's own Paul Ryan said it best last night. "Young people should not be spend any more time staring at fading Obama posters in the bedrooms of their childhood". Hope and change have arrived Ms. Nash!


Obama interview, February, 2009 with Matt Lauer. Obama, "I will be held accountable."......"If I don't have this done in three years then this is going to be a one term proposition."

On November 6th., not November 2nd as Mrs. Obama said, we will hold Obama accountable.

He's outta here!


Of course he assumed the Republican Congress would work WITH him to correct the mess we were in. Obviously, that did not happen. Too bad so many worked AGAINST the peoples interest.


He didn't seem too keen to work with the Republicans the first two years he was in office when he had HUGE majorities in both houses of Congress. Then he told Republican's that they could come along...."as long as they sit in the back of the bus". EVERYTHING he wanted he got in those first two years...and was his priority jobs? NO...it was jamming a health care bill down American's throats that is already 3X as expensive as he promised (would that be called a lie???), and is a bill America didn't want in the first place! Don't come crying now and try to blame his failures on the Republican House.....for once he needs to accept responsibility for his own actions and look in the mirror


What the hey are they looking for, trouble............

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and contraception queen Sandra Fluke crashed the Republican National Convention today (8/30). Mitt Romney will give his speech officially accepting the GOP’s presidential nomination tonight.

Fluke and Wasserman have been walking through the convention center doing media appearances. Hope someone accidentally steps real hard on either one's foot toes. Fluke, 30 years old, in college, and thinks everyone else has to pay for everything that concerns her vagina.

Our economy is sinking, no jobs, deficit and stranger-in-chief is concerned about sex.

Keep checking out website for 2016 documentary in your area..... www.2016themovie.com..... Eye Opener!


ABC News Airs Less than Two Minutes of Condi's Speech. Sadly, lower and lower goes the liberal swamp....... What a shame.


Condi's transcript speech........ http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/29/transcript-condoleezza-rice-speech-at-rnc/#ixzz24zvzOChy


make sure your virus protection software is up and running when you try to access darkenlies web sites.


Nice job, Pat. Those who know the facts of your words have little to say.


Nice job, right!!! Remember Nash's column, August 23rd, "Which is the Real Paul Ryan?" "The """lack of accuracy""" in Nash's opinion piece was corrected by a poster.

Yep, keep telling us about Nash's 'accuracy'! Think not.


takes one to know one darkenphoney.

Proud Progressive

A great job exposing the deranged Republican Congress, they say jobs, jobs, but block any meaningful progress. Darkenskies plug for the slam movie on Obama is typical of the terribly disillusioned far right, it's fortunate that these nut cases are confined to this minor blog. They will believe anything that attacks Obama, true or not, they seem even to relish passing along lies. Can't wait for you to do a piece on the lies Ryan dropped during the convention.
He didn't even know about GM and Janesville, his "hometown", the plant closing there was announced in June 2008, squarely in Bush's court.
In Medicare, Obama wants to cut unnecessary costs and use the money to strengthen the Affordable Care Act, Ryan wants to cut the same amount but use the money to give more tax cuts to, you guessed it, the 1% ers.
Ryan claims he's sworn off his mistress, Ayan Rand, but couldn't resist putting an almost perfect quote from "Atlas Shrugged" into his speech, "Central Planning" is pure Rand.


The documentary DVD, "Dreams from My Real Father", directed by Joel Gilbert is a shocker. O. can't deny one single findings in this DVD documentary..... and in the documentary movie, "2016". www.2016themovie.com

The rocks continue to be lifted! Barry Soetoro (Barack "Hussein" Obama) said, “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.” ....not done or even attempted. Barry, we are making you transparent!


hey racist,the klan is back in town from tampa. the next meeting is this friday.you know the time and place.


Really Screamer??? You're going there?? Obviously you didn't watch the RNC....well I was there, and sorry to burst your bubble, but there were no klan members allowed. Everyone...and I mean EVERYONE there was judged by the content of their character and their accomplishments. There was no hatred towards Pres BHO, just extreme disappointment in his job performance.....I don't see how anyone couldn't be upset with his performance. If he had had a (R) behind his name over the last 4 years you and the media would be crucifying him. Please.... tell me what he did that you think has earned him a second term???


And for the record yes there were American's of all colors and creeds at the RNC.


K----, a black man or woman who votes for a republican is like a chicken voting for colonel sanders.

now for the blacks who were at the etch-a-sketch convention in tampa or as we like to call it the convention-reinvention,they have all made it to the top of the ladder and they are telling their people below to pound sand.those at the top benefited from government programs to get where they are at today on the economic scale, and then they conveniently forget about that.clarence thomas is one of those(the eagle calls him "uncle tom").


K----,what has obama done? are you kidding me ?have you been in a cave the last 4 years or in a deep sleep ?

-kids 26 or younger can still stay on their folks health insurance= 6 million kids benefitting from this.
-you cannot be denied for pre-existing medical conditions any longer (really big deal here).
-no lifetime caps on medical coverage( that1 million $ can get used up fast for serious illnesses)
-health insurance will be cheaper for the self employed now ( eagle was self-emp. years ago)
-finally a consumer protection agency(with some teeth in it ) to protect us average joes from the predatory practices of unethical and immoral banks and what have you.thank you elizabeth warren.
-bailed out and SAVED the detroit auto industry no matter what lieing ryan says.
-the war in iraq is OVER.do you hear me OVER.
- binladen is DEAD.good-n-dead.obama made the call.
-libya is free of mo ghadafi.finally.well done mr.president.
-we will be out of taliban land soon ,just like the pres. said


-dow jones was at 8,500 when obama became president.today,it is pushin14,000.
my 401 k is very happy K.
-obamas fiscal policys early on saved our nation from a financial meltdown.no rational person can argue otherwise.things could be a lot better today if the crybaby republicans hadn't grabbed their bat and ball and went stomping home just like the little immature people they are.
-he sent money to the states in 09 when things were really rough so that teachers and other critical positions could still get paid.
-appointed 2 women to the high court.they are breaking through the glass ceiling finally.yeah!
-illegal border crossings from mexico are way down..
-renewal energy sources are booming .thank you obama.our air is as clean as it was 20 years ago.
-higher education is within reach of more younger people than ever before,and they are not getting gouged like they use to.

take kare for now K.


All of things you claim could have been accomplished in a bipartisan way IF Obama, Pelosi and Reid would have worked in an open way and fully vetted the bills. The rest of Obamacare is a national tragedy whose cost is already escalating out of control. Bin Laden is dead...you're right congrats to BHO for authorized pulling the trigger. It would be nice if he would stop talking as though he actually fired the shot....it would also be nice if he'd stop leaking secret information about the raid, because that is just putting SEAL team 6's lives in danger. It would also have been nice if he had credited the hard core detective work that led to finding Bin Laden...but he'd NEVER do that because almost all of that work had been done under the Bush Administration. His real record??? 23 million unemployed, a real unemployment rate of almost 15%. It's only as low as it is because of an account trick that takes out those who have given up looking for work. Gas prices have doubled


With gas prices that have doubled, food prices have gone up, families discretionary income has vanished. Oil leases have virtually vanished. Obama said his grade is incomplete, which means he going to do more of the same if he's reelected...we should all be VERY scared about what that means. As a lame duck he will move even farther left and the country will be over $20 trillion in debt. Pres BHO has been a disaster screamer....and I can only hope that people give him what he has earned....a chance to join the ranks of the unemployed


Screamer I always thought you were left wing...you have just proved you are MOONBAT left wing. I suppose it's pointless to remind you that without people with R behind their names the Civil Rights act would never have passed. The democrat party has done nothing for blacks except pander. How dare you call Clarence Thomas..or Condi Rice for that matter an Uncle Tom....why just because they don't tow the party line? So what you are saying is you can only be considered "black" if you are a democrat? Really??? Who is the racist here....I could care less what color a person is if they can do the job...you however will call them names if they dare leave the reservation.....never mind I answered my own question...I'm responding to him


K,you are entitled to your own opinion based on what you hear, read ,or see.
i have served my country well so that you could have the freedom to form your own opinion and act on your perceptions.

but you don't have a patent on the FACTS. it is obvious you get your info on current events from FOX news and the chickenhawk blowhards that migrate their like the parasites they are.

i am not left wing,right wing or anything like that . i am from the mean streets of chicago and a proud member of the working class.remember labor always comes first.you cannot have capital without the labor first.

i have studied clarence thomas since he came on the scene in 1989.he is a disgrace to his people. he used government programs and promotions to get where he is at today,and then he said the he** with the rest of us.

condi is in the bush family bullpen.she blew it on 9-11 .that was proven by the 9-11 commision in 2003.did you read the commision report ?and she has done nothing to advance the cause


glad to see you back on the forum PP. we need all hands on deck. the 3 amigos here need to be put in their place.

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