If you ever wonder “why” your courts have repeat offenders, it is because we feel they are not convicted harshly enough for their crimes.

Premeditated armed burglary was committed in our home two years ago, all items stolen were firearms, many of them collectible firearms. Three men were involved, William Branton, Tyler Knapp and Jerid Hinz. All of which were guests in our home.

There were a total of 23 felony charges among the three.

At least one gun that was stolen was later found to be involved in a shooting in Madison.

The worst of all charges was armed burglary for all the three men. One felony was issued among the three to William Branton, who brought the two others periodically to our home. Probation of two years for each. Otherwise, misdemeanors. Restitution of pennies on the dollar for these very collectible firearms was ordered and is to be paid by all, and letters of apologies.

We feel all three should have gotten prison time, for all felonies charged and the fines that are assessed for each charge, according to the law.

But this did not happen.

It was told to us during the court process sentencing that the judicial system does not like to put “felony” charges on younger men as it will follow them for some time.

In our opinion, “why not” protect the public now, and prosecute them now for the crimes they committed, they will know that any further crimes they commit will be prosecuted to the full extent that the law permits, this would most likely also stop filling the court system with repeat offenders.

We are now prisoners in our home. Constantly making positive that we are “locked in” and absolutely trusting no one, not to mention the stress and anxiety. This has caused us to be victims of such horrendous crimes. We are senior citizens, handicapped and disabled. Our lives have been severely disrupted, and we feel the need to warn others of what we have been through and to trust no one, and how the judicial system worked for us, in our opinion, concerning this whole process.

Mary Lou Weber, Poynette

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