Kids and adults will be able to fish once again at Mud Lake in Dane County after the lake is treated and restocked in 2018.

Killing the carp in Mud Lake this upcoming winter will be the first step by fisheries experts to restore the fishery on the small lake in far northwest Dane County.

The Department of Natural Resources and the Dane County Land and Water Resources Department will host a public meeting Oct. 18 at the Roxbury Town Hall, to show what's going to be done to the 51-acre lake.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at the town hall at 7161 Kippley Road.

The lake was originally slated for treatment with rotenone in 2017 but that was delayed because of the connectivity between Mud Lake and Fish Lake. The issue was resolved so the rotenone treatment will commence in winter.

"Carp have a negative impact on the aquatic plant community, that has resulted in poor water quality conditions, with common blue-green algae blooms," said Pete Jopke, Dane County water resources planner.

Rotenone, a botanical pesticide, has been used for years to rid lakes of trash fish, but the chemical can't be targeted to just one species, so all the fish will be removed.

The lake has panfish, largemouth bass and northern pike besides carp. After the treatment, Mud Lake will be stocked with bluegills and bass, taken from Fish Lake sometime in the spring, Jopke said.