After months living under ISIS's brutal rule in Raqqa, Maha finally managed to escape.

In August, as the besieged city was being pounded by a US-backed coalition, the 23-year-old Syrian widow fled with her two-year-old son Odai and elderly aunt.

They joined hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced since the operation to retake the city from ISIS began last year.

Yet now, even after Kurdish forces declared victory in Raqqa, their future is far from certain as they move from camp to camp in the outskirts of the city.

Maha's only lifeline to the outside world has been her mother Wafa, 40, who sought asylum in the Netherlands in 2014.

Before she escaped Raqqa, CNN chronicled Maha's WhatsApp conversations with her mother. Now, we take up Maha's story as she attempts to make it to Turkey.

The following video includes excerpts from the latest voice messages Maha has exchanged with her mother on WhatsApp, shared by Wafa with CNN. Their voices have been distorted.

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