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It was no surprise to read Robert Reid’s letter to the editor in Dec. 2 paper, which was just a continuation of his liberal diatribe against President Donald Trump. Anyone who thinks the news media is honest with the American people is either living with their head buried in the sand or in complete denial of reality.

Can we really trust the news media when they outright state they need to do whatever is necessary to remove President Trump from office, when they refuse to report illegal activities from their candidates of choice and get caught making up stories proven to be lies?

How about if we educate our children about everything our country was founded on: limited government, individual liberty, freedom of speech, you know — our entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s the leftist liberals like Reid who would deny people of differing views to state their own views and opinions.

Barack Obama was the worst disgrace of a president this country has ever seen and directly led to the disrespectful and dangerous actions toward our law enforcement professionals, which puts them in harm's way. At least Trump does love America.

Gary Schoppenhorst, Endeavor