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President Donald Trump boasted that whatever he achieved in 2017 would be bigger than the accomplishments of any previous president. An analysis of his legislative achievements in 2017 shows few achievements at all. He finally persuaded Congress to pass a drastic budget reduction this month.

He has been more successful as chief administrator, hiring people who share his opinions of government to administer the laws. He has appointed many people who believe their agencies have too much power, or should not exist.

More than 700 employees of the Environmental Protection Agency have resigned because Trump appointed a director whose aim is abolish it. It is difficult to run government without people. Trump has not come near adequately staffing its personnel.

Sometimes subterfuge is tried. This fall, Trump cut the enrollment period for health care in half, but 9 million people, almost as many as last year, re-enrolled.

His approach to foreign policy has upset both sides. He is so unstable that friends and enemies alike fear that he might commit some impulsive violent act that leads to war. 

Richard Bates, Baraboo