I would like to respond to the letter written by Richard Kinderman published Dec. 21 in the Daily Citizen.

First, I understand his position. No one enjoys paying taxes. However, taxes are also integral to the development of any community, including ours.

Kinderman is correct in his assertion that teacher salaries and benefits are funded through taxes. Yet Beaver Dam’s police, firefighters, EMS, city officials and many other employees are also funded through taxpayer contribution.

Our community would not be safe, clean and efficiently run without these public employees, just as our community would not be sufficiently educated without teachers and other school district employees.

I am a proud graduate of Washington Elementary School, Beaver Dam Middle School and Beaver Dam High School. I am one of thousands of individuals who have our community’s teachers to thank for years of academic and personal support. Our community’s teachers spend countless hours outside of the classroom providing additional assistance to students, developing course material, grading assignments, and leading extracurriculars.

Kinderman’s letter is an insult to our community and the thousands of hardworking individuals who have been educated and supported by Beaver Dam’s teachers.

Dan Ziebarth, Beaver Dam