In their rush to agree to acquire land for a new high school, the Wisconsin District School Board has abandoned their civic responsibility to serve the interests of all of the students in our district. The disadvantaged and voiceless in our community deserve their respect and concern as well as the more advantaged in our community.

There is an increasing number of Hispanic students in our district. Many attend a crowded, overused building in Lake Delton. The parents of these students work at many of the hotels, restaurants, water parks, farms and other business establishments in Lake Delton and Wisconsin Dells. Their positive impact on our economy is often overlooked. Their children are our children and they deserve all we can do to enrich their educational experience to ensure a fulfilling future.

A new high school building is not a priority; a new school building in Lake Delton is a priority. An overcrowded classroom is a hindrance to a satisfactory educational experience, regardless of the best efforts of the teacher. The school board needs to provide the resources so that the students at the Lake Delton school can prosper. A new high school is not the answer.

Hiroshi Kanno, Wisconsin Dells