Sandy and I wish to convey or sincerest thank you to all those who contributed whatever they could to the 2017 Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner.

The phenomenal success of the Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner held at St. Aloysius school was again a reflection of the dedication and enthusiasm volunteers’ and donors display on a continual basis. We surpassed last years total by about 100 people. Every bit of this event went off without a hitch.

This event would not have been a success without the involvement of so many fine people in this community. Because of your involvement we were able to provide a delicious meal to so many grateful people who might have had to go without. The thank you notes we received from some of those folks, were really heartfelt.

So, we take this opportunity to wish all of you, a heartfelt “Thank You”. We look forward to working with you again next year.

“When I took my leave presently, I went cheered and warmed by the fire of this mellow conversation - a trivial one concerning trivial matters, but in the small things of life lie its greatest delights.” - Wisconsin Country August Derleth

Mitch and Sandy Maier, coordinators, Prairie du Sac