In light of unethical cabinet members, a malfunctioning Republican Congress, an embarrassing president, I take pride in being a Democrat.

This party has done more for the good of the country than many people understand. It was the Democrats who brought us Social Security, a health care program no one wants dismantled, care for the disabled with the Disabilities Act, care for the environment and unemployed youth through the Civilian Conservation Act, the establishment of many national parks, civil rights legislation, a space program that took us to the moon, and balanced the budget leaving a surplus, and more. Most of all, it was the party that cared about the middle class and those in need and put them before politics.

Now I challenge anyone to tell what worthwhile thing the Republicans have done. They can take credit for dividing our citizens, inciting violence in our streets, giving approval of torture and sexual harassment, bringing threats of war with undiplomatic tweets, being unresponsive to Puerto Rico at their time of disaster, encouraged Russian interference in our election, proposed a tax cut that will be a benefit to 50 percent of the wealthiest 1 percent, including President Donald Trump. Need I say more?

Allegra Zick, North Freedom